Fear enters the room

"There are ways when you recognize [fear] that you can then transform it into energy." - Dick Nodell

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Today, we talk about something that is with us all the time -- but we usually hate to admit it: fear.  As Dick notes, “Fear is destabilizing, it’s immobilizing paralyzing, therefore most of us choose to get angry when we’re afraid as a way of feeling power again. A way of feeling like we can move again. And walking people back from the anger into the fear is a very difficult process.”

We can't escape fear -- but we can decide what to do once we recognize fear has joined the conversation.

At the end of our conversation, Somatics and yoga educator Gena Rho-Smith gives us a short primer on how to keep breathing, even when we're frightened.

We'd love to hear your story of a moment when you were able to recognize and work with your fear, in the workplace or your life.  Please use this form to send us your story.

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