Spark: How Creativity Works author Julie Burstein's conversations about art, work and life. 

"Someone asked me what my favorite material was and I said light. I really believe in a certain sense you can sculpt with light." - Steven Holl

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Architect Steven Holl has received some of his profession's most important prizes, and designed museums and concert halls and college dorms all over the world.  Where does his creative spark come from?  He  talks about growing up in Washington State, building tree houses with his brother, and falling in love with the Parthenon.  First broadcast on Studio 360

Leadership coach Dick Nodell offers good humored wisdom about how to negotiate the workplace.

"There are ways when you recognize [fear] that you can then transform it into energy." - Dick Nodell

It follows us wherever we go -- yet we often have a very difficult time acknowledging that it's in the room (and in us. . .).  In this Work Mystery, Dick and Julie talk about Fear.  

Chef, food writer, and critic Stephanie Lyness talks to people about food, memories, dreams, and recipes.

"If we had a time lapse of that table it would show our whole family's life." - Julie Burstein

 When Steph sat down with Julie, they discovered that what matters most to Julie and her family isn't the food or even the appliances in the kitchen, it's the conversations that happen around their kitchen table.  

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