Photo: Joy Yagid, cup: Julie 

Pursue your spark

Dick, Steph and I have created our podcasts in the hope that they may encourage you to pursue the spark that enlivens you, wherever you find it.  As you listen, you may notice that we often find that discoveries emerge from the conversations themselves.  We want to share with you the exploration as well as the ideas we uncover.  As a result, we've included more conversational meandering than you might be accustomed to. This can feel like you are listening in to some private conversation -- we'd like you to feel like you're part of that conversation, joining us as old friends and new, to pursue the sparks of insight and imagination wherever they may lead.   

I'm imagining you at the table with us, sipping a cup of tea as we talk about creativity, and work, and food, and life.  Thanks so much for dropping by.

All my best,


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